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Why choose a planner? It’s simple: they help you stay organized and on top of your schedule. The best planners allow you to stay on track with your goals and keep up with the latest happenings in your everyday life. From managing large projects, such as launching a new business or relocating to a new city, to planning family trips or developing an effective bookkeeping system for small businesses, planners can truly help you achieve your goals in multiple spheres of life.

1. The Ultimate 2023 Hardbound Planner by Alicia Souza (with a big book of STICKERS)

If there was an award for the happiest planner on the planet, this sweet Alicia Souza 2023 planner would win, hands down! This planner gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling with it's hand-drawn custom illustrations on every page and loads of them, to neatly (or not) plan your holidays, track milestones, weekly reminders and monthly menus. It also comes with a big BOOK of stickers.. It has everything you need to track your accounts, jot down meeting notes, crush your to-do list, track your period and moods, basically organize your life like a pro. The paper is acid free, so you can feel good about writing in this planner to take notes on anything from your daily routine to important events. It also has colorful designs that will make it easy for you to find a style that suits your personality or interests. A pen holder is also included on the side, which is super convenient.

Buy this Alicia Souza 2023 planner (with a bunch of goodies).

2. HummingBird Vines 2023 Planner By Odd Giraffe

This 12 Month dated botanical themed planner from Odd Giraffe comes with a vision board to map out the year's goals and objectives. Monthly appointment calendar to record important dates. Monthly goals and habit tracker to monitor progress toward improvement goals, daily plans , and other important documents organized. This planner has several purposes and can be used as a bullet journal, travel notebook, planner, diary, business/executive/office notebook, fitness journal, school notebook, or recipe journal. Perfect for free-form thinking, whether that's writing, painting, or brainstorming.

Buy this Hummingbird Vines 2023 Planner from Odd Giraffe

3. Doodle Happiness 2023 Planner

The Doodle Collection Plan Big planner's 100 stickers make planning enjoyable. This undated, start-anytime-of-year notebook has the phrase Big plans in gold foil on a background of colourful flowers. This A5 journal helps you focus on your health with pages like 'A Year of Workouts' and '21-Day Anxiety Challenge' This calendar includes 8 pages of tear-away note cards and a 'Learn Calligraphy' page. Plan and track your professional and personal goals with 'Now is the New Later,' 'Assess your ambitions,' and 'I can and I will' This journal has 12 calendar sections with a page for hopes, plans, and dreams, a planner page with space to plan each day, and ruled, dateless pages with themed artwork. This wiro planner is also filled with motivational quotations that will inspire you notice beauty around.

Buy Doodle Happiness 2023 Planner/ Organizer

So, if you’re looking for a planner that will help you get organized and stay on top of your life, then these are some of the best ones out there. We hope this article has given you some ideas about what makes a good planner or which ones might suit your needs. Remember, the key is to find one that works with your lifestyle while still giving ample space for important details like dates and appointments!

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Bebo, also known as Kareena Kapoor Khan, wears a lovely little faux leather motorcycle jacket in the latest reality masala programme to hit the Indian reality bandwagon on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. If you've been watching Moving In With Malaika, you may have spotted the jacket. Moving In With Malaika is the latest reality masala show to hit the Indian reality bandwagon.

Kareena kapoor khan wearing a marks and spencer faux motorcycle jacket
Image courtesy:


This faux leather biker jacket in black from Marks & Spencer retails for just Rs. 5999, but you can get it from Myntra at a discount of 20% for a limited time for just Rs. 4699. Well, to my surprise, it is a piece of apparel that is sold in high-street stores.

Image Courtesy:

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Apnu Amdavad, the biggest metro city in Gujarat, an industrial, historical and cultural hub has been a hotspot treasure of textiles, jewelry and is basically is shopper's haven.

Amdavad has always been a harbinger of entrepreneurial spirit and the new wave of trendsetting fashion entrepreneurs are reviving traditional crafts indigenous to the Gujarat region and making the garments contemporary for today's woman.

If you're travelling to Ahmedabad and wondering what are the best places to shop for clothes in Ahmedabad, or just wanting to get them online, we've got you covered.

We have scoured the limits of Amdavad to bring to you these fabulous independent designers to get you the best shopping destinations for clothes and jewellery, based in Ahmedabad, that are changing the way we think of garments. Be it Bandhej, bandhani, ajrakh, mashru, or Kutch handicrafts, there is something for everyone.

1. Chhapa

Chhapa means to leave an imprint or a stamp in Gujarati, which is exactly what the brand is aiming to achieve. With Chhapa, the team aims at enhancing the ancient art form of block print and responsible design, generating an influence on the lives of our craftsmen, consumers and mother planet.

For the summer months, shop Chhapa's collection of breezy cotton and mulmul kaftans, elegant dresses, and flowy kurtas

It is a woman's closet must-have to have one of their block printed sarees in her closet.

Their block-printed sarees are iconic, and every woman's wardrobe should contain at least one of them. It is a woman's closet must-have to have one of their block printed sarees in her closet.

Chhapa is an Ahmedabad-based boutique brand that also produces children's clothes, soft toys, men's apparel, and household linens including quilts and pillow covers. 

If you're in the mood to create your own ensemble, they also offer their unique hand-block printed cloth yardage by the meter.

The Chhapa store is located at 112, Advait Complex, Sargam Marg, near Sandesh Press, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054.

Chhapa off white block printed kurta dress
Image courtesy: Chhapa

Chhapa baby blue quilt
Image courtesy: Chhapa

off white block printed kurta with overlay by Chhapa
Image Courtesy: Chhapa

Chhapa quirky block printed saree
Image courtesy: Chhapa

Chhapa block printed quirky cotton saree
Image courtesy: Chhapa

Chhapa elephant stuffed toy.
Image courtesy: Chhapa

Chhapa kids dress
Image courtesy: Chhapa

2. Wear Your Style

Let the cookie cutter, factory-made international designer labels take a break. An Ahmedabad-based enterprise called "Wear Your Style" is championing sustainable alternatives by offering the most fashionable, handmade choices accessible with vegan leather and elevated artistry. With their super stylish and hip sling bags, totes, duffel bags, and backpacks, WYS Lifestyle is making a splash on Instagram.

It is especially noteworthy that the brand goes out of its way towards a zero-waste production with its "Shunya" initiative and try to use up the fabric scraps into beautiful, innovative accessories.

Though bags are their forte, they have expanded to adorable fabric jacketed diaries, scrunchies, passport covers, tie and dye jhola bags and even these cute planters!

The Wear Your Style store is located in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Wear your style's blue fabric jacketed notebook
Image courtesy: Wear Your Style (WYSLifestyle)

Wear Your Style Duffel Bag
Image courtesy: Wear Your Style (WYSLifestyle)

Wear Your Style Tote Bag
Image courtesy: Wear Your Style (WYSLifestyle)

Wear Your Style Sling Bag
Image courtesy: Wear Your Style (WYSLifestyle)

Wear Your Style Bucket Bag
Image courtesy: Wear Your Style (WYSLifestyle)

3. World Of Crow

Crow is a modern Indian brand that has defined what it means to combine traditional and contemporary sensibilities. Craftsmanship from all around India is incorporated into elegant and significant articles of apparel that have relaxed-fitting silhouettes.

Crow's stunning clothing collection, which includes dresses, kurtas, tunics, jackets, and co-ord sets, is created with the wearer's comfort as the utmost priority, using materials of the finest quality, and aiming to be in harmony with nature.

They are also a size-inclusive brand that caters to plus sizes as well. Their range of accessories that includes yarn necklaces, stoles, bandanas and bucket hats are great to pair with their outfits.

The World Of Crow store is located on 2nd Floor, Pushpak Building, Near Cama Hotel, opp M.B tower, Khanpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001

World of crow black and white monochrome midi dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

World Of Crow, colour blocked mustard and black dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

World Of Crow Peach midi dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

World Of Crow, Earthy brown dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

World Of Crow Indigo Blue Dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

World Of Crow Indigo Blue Cotton Dress
Image courtesy: World Of Crow

4. Dyelogue

Bandhani, also known as tie-and-dye, is a traditional Indian craft that may be traced all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Dyelogue is dedicated to revitalising and honouring this technique that is meticulously kept alive by talented artisans. This is accomplished by providing the craft with a breath of new air in the form of a contemporary design perspective.

The bandhani or bandhej method involves tying the cloth into very small knots to create elaborate designs, and then dipping the fabric into dyes. The bandhani designs that are produced are distinguished by the fact that the dyes are unable to penetrate the portions of the cloth that are knotted. Bandhani sarees and odhanis have a significant part in traditional ceremonies; in the past, they were also regarded as essential components of bridal attire.

Not only does Dyelogue collaborate with local craftsmen to develop contemporary bandhani patterns, but the brand also transforms these designs into contemporary attire that caters to the preferences of modern women. They have a variety of beautiful kaftans, draped dresses, and capes to choose from.

Dyelogue bandhani pink drape dress
Image Courtesy: Dyelogue

Dyelogue orange and yellow bandhani drape dress
Image Courtesy: Dyelogue

Dyelogue red kaftan dress
Image Courtesy: Dyelogue

Dyelogue blue bandhani kurta
Image Courtesy: Dyelogue

5. Silai Studio

The idea behind the creation of the brand Silai Studio was to develop something that would have a resonance to India's extensive textile history. Weaving, printing, and embroidery are some of the handicrafts that are the studio's primary priorities. Despite the fact that the heart of the brand is based on the ancient crafts of India, the essence of the brand is that of the modern woman, who has a blend of Indian and international sensibilities.

The selection of dresses, kurtas, coord sets, and other items available from Silai is absolutely stunning. Their apparel with appliqué work is absolutely divine, and it is ideal for a dress code known as smart casuals, as well as for a casual day out with friends and even for a relaxing vacation.

Silai Studio Blue sleeveless dress
Image Courtesy: Silai Studio

Red Midi Dress By Silai Studio
Image Courtesy: Silai Studio

Yellow dress with overlay from Silai Studio
Image Courtesy: Silai Studio

Printed off white dress from Silai Studio
Image Courtesy: Silai Studio

Yellow applique work dress from Silai Studio
Image Courtesy: Silai Studio

6. Creyons By Mansi

Creyons is a jewellery business that first made its debut on Instagram, where it quickly built up an impressive fan following comprised of ardent customers. The proprietor of Creyons, Mansi, conducted a number of rounds of experiments before arriving at the combination of metal alloy and polish that gives the jewellery its fantastic appearance while also ensuring its durability.

Necklaces, earrings, nosepins, kadas, bracelets, anklets, and a great deal more are some of the many types of jewellery that can be purchased at Creyons. Creyons also sells jewellery made of German silver and Afghan jewellery.

Creyons collaborates with a variety of karigars from Jaipur, Delhi, and Kolkata, and the company educates those karigars so that they may accomplish the bespoke polishing and finishing processes that Creyons has meticulously developed and refined over the years.

Creyons silver neckpiece
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

Creyons multi layer necklace
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

Creyons silver coin necklace
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

Creyons silver neckpiece
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

Creyons silver earrings
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

Creyons silver earrings
Image Courtesy: Creyons By Mansi

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