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Bower Is Myntra's Latest Clean, All-Natural, Standout Apparel Brand

Myntra has lately launched a spectacular new women's fashion private brand Called Bower. Think loose fit silhouettes, clean lines, linen, cotton and other all natural textiles.

Bower purple cotton boxy fit shirt

Buy Bower cotton shirt in purple

Image courtesy: Myntra

bower off white printed boxy fit shirt for women

Buy Bower Block printed white boxy shirt

Image courtesy: Myntra

bower purple sleeveless dress in cotton

Buy Bower Purple Sleeveless Dress

Image courtesy: Myntra

peach shirt dress by bower

Buy Bower Peach Shirt Dress

Image courtesy: Myntra

off white wide top

Buy Bower Off white wide cotton top

Image courtesy: Myntra

rust orange bower top

Buy Bower Rust Orange Top For Women

Image courtesy: Myntra

off white schiffli skirt by bower

Buy Bower Off White Sciffli Midi Skirt

Image courtesy: Myntra

black dress by bower

Buy Bower Black Linen Blend Dress

Image courtesy: Myntra

pink sleeveless top by bower

Buy Bower Hot Pink Cotton Top

Image courtesy: Myntra

When it comes to online fashion retailers, Myntra is head and shoulders above the competition - Amazon Fashion, Nykaa Fashion, Ajio, Tata Cliq and others in India. Myntra hands down offers the widest assortment, the most organized & accurate catalogue (brownie points for that), the optimum blend of international and Indian brands resulting in a superior customer experience.

Myntra has also been a pioneer in harnessing Tech & AI to leverage data into generating better designs with its Rapid platform, which also led to the Stylumia offshoot.

However, the handful of issues on which Myntra has trailed behind are:

1. The lack of strong independent brands. Ajio that has a strong Indie brand, and Westside that has a passionate fan following of its Utsa, Bombay Paisley and Zuba brands (despite delivering a mediocre online experience).

Myntra has a paucity of boutique designer labels that are actually creating waves online.

While Nykaa Fashion is now striving to fill in this void, Tata cliq luxury and Ajio Luxe have been the early movers in this independent designer area.

2. Discounting. Discounting is a race to the bottom, ngl. However, Ajio has aced the budget fashion arena. Amazon and Flipkart Fashion are of course the big daddy of value for money apparel. Myntra, albeit with its EORS or end of reason sale, tries to catch-up, although it caters to a not so price conscious client base.

With many corporations now opening up their offices after Covid, women are seeking stylish working attire without sacrificing on comfort. We've been working in our cozy kaftans, baggy jammies and tatty t-shirts for much too long now to get into pencil skirts and polyester (bleh!).

With Bower, Myntra's brand new private label, it has mastered the recipe to respond to an unmet customer demand.

Bower's anti-fit assortment of apparel consisting of linen shift dresses, shirt dresses, loose tops and flowing skirts reminded me of Cottonworld, Plantation House, Bhane (when it was not Bhaane and featured real people as models with street photography), Bombay Paisley meets Zuba. Turns out Javed Khan who's the director of Myntra's private label Bower is an ex-Bhane.

With highly wallet friendly costs and sophisticated work wear garments in solid linen and cotton, these make for the ideal fundamentals in any woman's wardrobe.

Follow the brand's Instagram page for more inspiration.

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