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Sachin's Khatwani's Inspiring Style on Masterchef India

Updated: Apr 27

In the latest episode 35 of MasterChef India, Sachin Khatwani caught the eye of many viewers with his impeccable style. He was seen wearing a stunning grey and salmon pink tree motif comfort fit casual shirt from Nuon, which is Westside's own private brand. Sachin's sense of fashion and style is truly remarkable, and he has once again proven that he can look good while cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Image courtesy: Sony Liv

Sachin's choice of attire for this episode was spot on. The shirt not only fit him perfectly, but the subtle yet striking tree motif made a bold statement. The grey and salmon pink color combination also worked beautifully, giving Sachin a sophisticated and refined look. It is evident that Sachin puts a lot of thought and effort into his appearance, and it definitely pays off.

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Image courtesy: Tata cliq

It is interesting to note how each contestant on MasterChef India has their unique sense of style. In earlier blog posts, we have discussed the personal style of contestants such as Neha Shah and Vikas Sethi. We have also highlighted the fashion choices of the judges, Chef Guntas Sethi and Aruna Vijay, who always manage to look stylish and elegant.

It is clear that fashion and style play an important role in the world of MasterChef India. The contestants, judges, and even the hosts always make sure to dress their best. This not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the show but also showcases the importance of presenting oneself in the best possible light.

In conclusion, Sachin Khatwani's style on MasterChef India episode 35 was simply outstanding. His choice of attire from Nuon, Westside's private brand, was not only trendy but also comfortable and functional. Sachin's fashion sense is a reflection of his overall personality and is something that sets him apart from the rest. It is safe to say that he has truly mastered the art of cooking as well as fashion.

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